Saturday, February 18, 2012


Sometimes I forget
the BIG picture
I forget to think
long term
about the consequences of my actions
or more accurately

I get so down in the weeds
so focused on the details
you know...the little things

I completely lose perspective that there is a 
larger world our there
with real problems that need real solutions
a world 
that require sacrifice, clear thinking, and a commitment
to something more than
my shallow desire for 
My little world to be 

Because while I complain about not being able to buy 
my own house
along the pristine and beautiful California Coast
Little Sophie
is waiting for her first house
one made of the five hundred and eighty six mud bricks
that her mother is making 
to protect the family from the harsh and savage African environment
no running water
no heat but for a small fire
no bed but for a mat
no bathroom
Sometimes I just want to slap the shit out of 
my self absorbed and privileged 
how does one justify excess, waste, and arrogant privilege?
How does one qualify need vs desire?
What can you live without?
What can you live WITH?
Because I am having a hard time living with myself
knowing that
on a global continuum
I am part of the 1% I am bitching about in my country's tax structure
and that just doesn't seem right
Because now I have to take responsibility for being part of the problem


  1. Hmmmm, this one stirred up a whole bunch of thoughts... first, I do agree that often we spend way too much time obsessing over the little meaningless things. Most of the time they don't even mean much in our own lives once we can manage to step away from them. That's where stepping back into the moment always (or most always! ;) clears things up for me, at least for a moment or two. Sometimes a breath is all I need. :) On the other hand I don't think that any one journey is better or worse than another. I think your dreams for a coastal home are valid, as they are part of your very important and unique path. I think you can follow your dreams, make your heart sing and still change the world. :)

  2. A very thought provoking post. It made me stop and cringe at all the times, even just today, that I complained about one thing or another. We've got it so good. SO good. And I definitely try not to lose sight of that, even when I am going through the bigger upsets. It's so important to keep in touch with the bigger picture.