Sunday, February 19, 2012

Count your toes...

I know it might sound crazy asking
do all new mothers 
count their new born babies toes
I know I did

after unwrapping them for the fiftieth time
and counting them yet again
(as if while the baby was sleeping some how a toe would disappear)
I would sigh relief
and breath a prayer of gratitude 
that my baby 
was whole
its the little things we take for granted in daily life
isn't it
So my ten toes of gratitude for today are...
I will get to see the grand kids today
I now have a clean and organized closet
I had a good nights sleep
there is plenty of food in the fridge
full tank of gas
I got to meet my brother for dinner last night (I haven't seen him in two years)
I have lost 12 lbs
I have made some new friends through blogging
I have a great book on tape to listen to on my drive
(Black Swan Green)
It's a three day weekend...I don't have to go to work tomorrow
These little things tickle me, curve my lips into a smile, 
and make the hard things bearable
can you see me doing my little happy dance
What ten toes do you have to be grateful for today? 


  1. Ah, so many things to be grateful, when you come to think of it, and forget for a little while those that make you frustrated... I prefer not to see the downsides of life but then I am told that I am shutting myself off from reality, so that makes me wonder... what IS reality? Is it what I see, or what you see?

    I am grateful for you and my blogging friends, this is a communication of the uplifting kind, one that makes me believe in good!

  2. I love gratitude posts, they always make me smile. Hmmmm, my ten toes... I purged and cleaned the basement (I think that might be worth 2 toes, at least!), the sun was shining, my solar panels were creating tons of energy, I feasted on a delicious lunch, I too have wonderful blogger followers who comments always bring a smile to my face, I'm curling up and watching a movie tonight with hubby, I made a sale today, I just spent some time fooling around with the ferrets (they always make me laugh, out loud!), and as soon as I'm done on the computer I'm off to take a hot, relaxing shower and refresh with my meditation. Ahhhh, isn't gratitude a grand thing? :)

  3. There is nothing like a full fridge, a full gas tank and a good night's sleep.
    The little things are the biggest things.

    And hey! Congrats on the 12 pounds! Way to go!!