Thursday, June 28, 2012

Time Flies

Times flies…
On wings and breath and wind
            It lifts and for a time we soar

Time flies…
as we stand mute
hoping it will linger
on exquisite moments of intimacy
as we sniff a baby’s head
embrace a friend
a poem, a picture, a sensuous dish.

Time flies…
 Like a humming bird,
a bee
collecting experiences like sweet nectar
only to stall and dive
piercing the depths of our liquid emotions
searching for absolution from
pain, frustration, disappointment, sorrow.

Time flies…
Clipping the very wings with which we soared.
Future, past
Past, future
a beating pulse
 a metronome of
wings to keep us aloft
The present being only the half beat in between.

Time flies...
 in one direction
we cannot
stop it, slow it
or turn it back.
We can only ride its currents.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Solstice

Today is as good as any
to begin again
I've been away from blog land
for a couple of months
The list of 'whys' are long
and personal
But I discovered how much
this photo blog has fed my soul
So I am back
and ready to begin again
it just might not be as often
I don't know about you
I prefer celebrating the pagan holidays 
rather than 
all those Hallmark moments
The spring and fall equinox being
my favorite
Today's is summer solstice and 
I'm kinda sad
it just seems like spring arrived 
and it is already gone.
It seems like so much has happened
since I last posted.
It seems more like a lifetime 
rather than just a season.
It reminds me just how quickly things can
slip away before we notice.
to start again
seems almost overwhelming.
I will take it slowly
and put my toes back into the water
of blogging again.
I feels good to 
be committed again to 
some photos and words and to
look a little more deeply into my days.
To tell you the truth
I have missed the connection.