Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best Friends

You know how there is this debate
about the difference in personalities
between cat and dog owners
dog owners prize devotion
cat owners prize independence
Isn't this also the debate
in relationships as well
Does independence and devotion
have to be mutually exclusive
Because if it does
I'll choose


Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Mess...

I've been a mess lately
not a cute mess either
not the kind of mess created by 
loving something so much I just can't get enough of it
Its been said 
we create our own reality
and from my point of view
there is good and bad in that possibility
on the one hand
it speaks of endless possibilities and opportunities
it speaks of personal power 
and the impact of our choices
on the other hand
it speaks of frustration and confusion
with best intent and hard work
hopes and dreams 
crumble before our eyes
It is then
that I must remember the BIGGER picture
the one that is focused on growing the soul not comforting the ego
so  I shake my head and dust myself off 
and with confident uncertainty
take another step into the unavoidable adventure
to discover who I really am.