Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Promise and the Word...

 Santa Barbara Harbor ~ January 1, 2012
                              Hatsuhinode (はつひので or 初日の出) means the first sunrise [of the year] in Japanese.
                                             Ancient Japanese believed the Sun was one of a thousand gods.
 it was the most important God. 
It's very sacred to see and pray to the 1st sunrise of the year. 
There is a saying...
                  make a promise on this first sunrise                                          
and the sun will then remind you of that promise each morning for the rest of the year...
My promise...
 stay true to who I am

My word for 2012

to set out on the sea of the unknown
trusting my inner compass
relying on spiritual balance
and striking out in a purposeful direction

Riding the wave of intuition
creative expression
meaningful dialog
generous compassion

Even when 
doubt, frustration, disappointment
and expectations
come crashing down around me
I promise to hold fast to what is important
my freedom
to become and then to live 
an authentic, passionate and simple life

Sunset Ventura

I seal this promise with the sunset near home
It's going to be a good year

I can feel it in my bones!
May you find your focus for 2012
and live it with passion

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  1. Such inspiring words, Julia. I know that you will achieve what you have promised to yourself. I would have loved to share my promise with the first sunrise of the year if I only knew... But I can do it any day, can't i? I only need to believe, don't I? :)