Monday, January 2, 2012

The Great Migration...

One of the great things about living in Ventura 
 the beautiful Monarch butterflies come to winter here along the coast
There is a lovely grove nearby where you can go watch them
It is all roped off so you can't get to close...which is a shame
but today I learned why
Some lame  
I mean...unaware person was throwing rocks at the butterflies
to make them fly around for pictures
It was heart breaking

of course
with my New Year Promise in mind...
I just HAD to take a stand for the little creatures
The look I gave the woman would have melted steel
and she walked away with a rock in her hand
I half expected her to throw it at me for wrecking her fun

If you look closely 
you will see thousands of butterflies clinging to the eucalyptus leaves
this is where they rest
They hang like garland from the tree

It is hard to get good shots of them 
because they are so far away
and small

But...if you are patient
and wait
until the light is just right
You might get a couple of awesome shots

Their journey is really quiet remarkable
They don't live long enough to make the return trip
somehow their offspring know the way back
 it just reminds me
 our own inner guidance is
a miracle
if we will only listen
It stands to reason
a butterfly with the brain the size of the head of a pin
can find its way back over 3,000 miles
to a place it has never been
then surely
we humans with a far more complex brain
and using our HEART as compass
can figure out how live more simply, sustainably, and with
a deeper consciousness
for our own well being and future...
Read more about their fascinating migration here:

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  1. These are fabulous shots! The monarchs passed through our property once and I hoped it meant they'd be back again. But I guess they just got lost that year! Lucky you for being near enough to see them!