Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What the heck...

This is what I feel like when I over commit
and that is what I have done
said yes too many times without thinking
have you ever done that? 
Don't you just hate it?
I was just reminded yesterday by my daughter that I was 
coming up for a visit next week
I had totally forgotten!
Now I have to either suck it up
or hurt someone's feelings
and THAT I just can't stand
So between now and New Years
I have two dinner parties 
one photo shoot
go to the movies with friends
a birthday celebration
finish the twelve days of Christmas
prepare for a trip next week
plus my normal forty hour a week job
Riiiiiight I mutter...

What would make me happy would be to
go to the birthday celebration
 do the photo shoot
get the last bits off the the grandkids
Note to self:
ALSO considering all the LIFE that might happen
between now and then. 
I will get through it though
I always do
A little battered and brain dead
Just another thing to add to my 
2012 Manifesto
Have you started yours yet?

1 comment:

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