Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The day after the day after....

came and went



low key
for the most part
Except for a
slight malfunction with the plumbing
(so we had no use of water in the front part of the house)
NO WAY were we going to call a plumber on Christmas day!
no problem
 we skipped Christmas dinner (and the associated mess and hassle)
and just did snacky finger foods 
which was GREAT! 
We went for a walk on the beach

which was perfect
warm sunshine
salty air
tumbling surf

calm baby
happy parents

happy dog!

When we got home
we picked some fresh oranges

 added some  champagne

and just chilled.

As the day fades into the past
I will remember it as a day
where we
Chatted, napped, read, nibbled, shared gifts 
that were personal, useful, creative
A day that was 
and full of ease (despite the glitch in plans)
all because of my darling family
Pretty much perfect.


  1. Funny you mention plumbing... we had quite a similar Christmas! But that was mostly fun because of the light character of the people involved and the problem, thankfully got obvious well after we were prepared with our dinner.

    Cheers for a lovely New Year filled with pleasant surprises and love!

  2. i love "authentic".....as far as memories go......and to walk on the beach at christmas...now that's a gift all by itself !!....xo