Thursday, June 28, 2012

Time Flies

Times flies…
On wings and breath and wind
            It lifts and for a time we soar

Time flies…
as we stand mute
hoping it will linger
on exquisite moments of intimacy
as we sniff a baby’s head
embrace a friend
a poem, a picture, a sensuous dish.

Time flies…
 Like a humming bird,
a bee
collecting experiences like sweet nectar
only to stall and dive
piercing the depths of our liquid emotions
searching for absolution from
pain, frustration, disappointment, sorrow.

Time flies…
Clipping the very wings with which we soared.
Future, past
Past, future
a beating pulse
 a metronome of
wings to keep us aloft
The present being only the half beat in between.

Time flies...
 in one direction
we cannot
stop it, slow it
or turn it back.
We can only ride its currents.


  1. the fact that sunday is july already.....well, honestly....where does the time go ???

    1. I seriously don't know! I remember when I was just taking photos of little Ayden and she was only 5 she has 5 lbs of lovin in her cheeks alone! It is just killin me! Soo good to have you visit! How is little Sophie?