Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's a good morning...

I sneak out at dawn
to watch the world awake
Only to find

others have beat me to it
birds are busy having breakfast
dogs are having their morning jog
everyone and everything seems happy
peaceful, content with what the day has to offer

No one is harried, hassled or in a rush
they're not stressing about the stock market, politics, or the economy
They are fully engaged with the day's beginning
The sun rising and burning the mist
the cool quiet of the sand 
as the sea yawns
 the sky rubs sleep from its eyes

waiting for the sun
to strike a match
ignite the day

The rhythms of nature
soothe me and wrap me in the warmth of knowing
there is more to life
than work


  1. Oh my. This, together with your comments today bring us so much closer together, Julia. It's like we are totally the same as regards to sneaking out with a camera in hand! Stunning photos that show your sensitivity.

  2. What lovely, peaceful photos. Morning has a kind of magic, doesn't it? It's such a quiet reminder that we've stepped into yet another day, another chance to do it all over again. To find what makes our heart sing and follow it. :)