Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Black or White

How do you look at the world
is everything black or white
do you delight in the subtle and abstractions diversity presents

I'm just wondering
it seems to me a black or white world
although obvious in its contrast

 is fraught with illusions
unless you are willing to be a part of a black or white herd

life will present challenges that demand you 
 from the herd
and think for yourself using not the imposed filters of popular culture
but rather to act
from your own inner voice
The voice that was smacked across the knuckles by good intentioned nuns
the frazzled parent who just wanted to have a well behaved child
the teachers who found it more important to follow the rules of grammar 
rather than encourage 
Live on the WILD SIDE
Think outside the stripe! 


  1. Hi Julia! I popped over here after reading your post on Sonya's blog. I'm always thrilled to come across another blogger that thinks outside of the box. :) The further I move along on my journey, the more I discover that nothing is black and white!! Perspectives, circumstances, beliefs ~ they all shade and color the world in a lovely array of shades and colors. I haven't been part of any herd for quite some time, and while I think it often brings people a measure of comfort to 'fit in', it sucks so much uniqueness, exploration and discovery out of living. I can't imagine going back to living by the expectations of others. Beautiful photos, by the way! :)

    1. Hi Melinda!
      So nice of you to drop by! I love that you think outside the box...and that you are independent and innovative! It does my heart good to come across another person who is willing to take a stand for their own way of seeing and living life! As you know...it can be isolating in a world of conformists! So glad to meet you!

    2. I'll admit that in the beginning of my journey it often felt very lonely. No one quite knew what I was talking about when I opened my mouth to speak! Ironically Blogger has brought me many like-minded people who share many of my views and ways of living. Once I became comfortable with myself, the world saw fit to show me that I wasn't alone. Glad to have found you. :)

  2. You are not only a brilliant writer which I have always known since I first heard you read your words so long ago in Janet's living room you are also a wonderful photographer and have such an eye for the visual images. I love the photo of the Zebra that you captured with what looks like 3 ears. So cleaver. That blue crab the other day was also spectacular. It is hard to imagine how you do it. I need to follow you around sometime and see what you see.