Monday, January 23, 2012

Tide Pools...

I LOVE tide pools
they are like a secret fairyland
full of hidden surprises
When I go there I feel like 
in Horton hears a who

As I am almost sure I can hear the sea-life whisper
One has to be careful to not step on the hundreds of sea anemones
dotting the sandy floor

Sometimes it takes awhile to find all the hidden treasures
sometimes they are bold and bright

I love when you can get real close without having to worry
a big ole wave knocking you
ass over tea kettle into the rocks

 let me tell you
getting tumbled around in this minefield of rocks
not to mention what would happen to your camera

So it pays to go online to find out
when it is going to be low tide 
and take advantage of 
all the beauty left uncovered

before the tide covers them
the sea reclaims what is hers

1 comment:

  1. Oh, you are speaking my language!
    The ocean is a giant magical netherworld, isn't it?
    But I am confused...I grew up in Kelowna, and it is located on a giant lake, but not an ocean! Are you sure you got that location right? lol!

    I am curious now, where you are from. Are we neighbours? kinda, sorta?