Thursday, January 26, 2012

Soap box...

Every once in awhile I HAVE to have a good rant...
and I know the blog is supposed to by my happy place
sometimes I just need to speak my mind... 

What's the deal with seagulls
They're called flying rats
for a reason
Frickin flying white trash...
I mean 
have you ever watched them at the beach
or on a pier
They DO eat the most disgusting stuff
and then
leave the trash they've picked through
strung all over 
for others to clean up
 So it got me to thinking
they're not much different 
then the population of Americans that feed off
fast food
Fast food is my nemesis
Along with cigarettes and cheap beer
it is all useless CRAP
and because
it generates and is generated by 
destructive "unconscious" behaviors
that only create messes 
that generally we as a society have to clean up
I mean
it is against the law to
not strap ourselves or our children in the car with seat belts
it is promoted as a
"Happy Meal" to take them to
and feed them TRASH
EVERYTHING about the fast food industry
and yet it is a
$110,000 BILLION dollar industry 
that is growing by 41%
Talk about the axis of EVIL
Starting with how they influence meat production globally
the packaging and false advertising they use to 
promote their "food"
and yet we buy it
we buy into the whole system
We who are supposed to be 
"world leaders" 
of what
Maybe we should change our
National bird
to more reflect how we actually live
Change it to the Seagull

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