Sunday, December 11, 2011

An underwater galaxy...

I was going to go out and take pictures of the full moon rising over the Gore Range tonight
It was way to cold and I had missed the perfect timing of the moon cresting over the mountains
I decided to invite you to view the galaxy beneath the waves at the San Francisco Aquarium
Isn't it just....unbelievable
I stood mesmerized for hours watching these fish swim in a tighter and tighter swirl
Just like the contraction and expansion of the universe
it is surreal in its abstract and intricate beauty

Our world is so complex and fragile
 a miracle really
If 'seekers' of religion can find the image of Mary 
in pieces of toast or ice crystals on a window or in sulfer springs 
and then turn those sites into holy pilgrimages
Can we not then choose to treat this miracle called earth
as a holy shrine as well
can we choose to stand in words and deeds by our convictions 
to not pollute our oceans by not supporting corporation's
that dump toxins into out water
can we commit to never using another plastic bag
can we live more simply, with less stuff 
and more heart
 Take the opportunity to walk into the heart of our planet
by visiting an aquairum
and witness the treasures of the ocean
 experience its pulse and rhythm 
 the life source of our world

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