Friday, November 4, 2011

Holy Trinity

 Love      Reason      Service
I'm not a big fan of organized religion.
To many obstacles and rules to navigate. 
It's not that I am opposed to ritual or worship. 
It is ritual turned to rule that I resist.
It is some man's interpretation of what's right for me I resist. 
We are wired like homing pigeons to return to what is sacred.
The path does not have to be complicated.
But it can be difficult.
There is a difference between the two.
Love is not complicated.
To love when wronged can be difficult.
We are given amazing brains with which to reason.
Should we not exercise this gift rather than let it go fallow 
before it can produce its fruits? 
And what of service? 
Is that not the byproduct of love and reason?
For me, for now...
It is not about heaven or hell.
It is about learning to trust 
not in man
but in the truth of 
my soul.

What are your holy three? I would love to hear from you.

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