Saturday, November 5, 2011

Empty Bowls

 Empty Bowl 2010

 Santa Barbara hosts 
"The Empty Bowls"
a fundraising event to support 
the community food bank
local artisans and school art programs
donate hand crafted bowls
for your donation 
you get to select a hand made bowl
and fill it with
 soups and breads
from some of the best restaurants in town
there are drawings and silent auctions
and beautiful art for sale
all proceeds go to feeding the hungry
emilda, my dear friend
is treating me to the event this year
it is the best kind of gift
a thought-FULL gift
 a gift that is so her
it feeds both my body and soul
it quiets the cynic in me
to experience 
the outpouring of generosity from 
individuals and the community
 last year
 I filled my bowl 
with objects infused with meaning
rocks from walks on the beach
feathers from ginnie fowl from my trip to Africa
a painted soap stone heart from Namibia
and a "Hope" stone
the bowl reminds me
it was once empty and is now full.
It reminds me no one should go hungry
and to contribute 
to filling someones bowl
in some way
every day.

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