Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It's Valentine's Day
and as much as I'd like to buy into the whole sappy 
Happy Ever After stuff
(You know what I am talking about)
the couples holiday thing
nice dinner out 
the holiday that is geared for the "other" 1%
I just can't help wondering...
Can we love those we do not know...

Can we reach out with what we have 
and provide small comfort with just a touch

Can we assume that even vicious species
have moments of profound connection

and that all species love to linger in the arms of a warm embrace

Can I assume that love requires the bigger, older and stronger to 
bend down to the level of the
smaller, younger and weaker to be able to have a complete 

Is it safe to say
love is more about holding hands on the 'average' days
rather than
than the annual flowers, cards and expectations of the holiday

Isn't love about those seemingly random moments 
without planning or fanfare
we completely expose our inner child
and immerse ourselves in unique expressions of joy

I'm just wondering
because love doesn't have to be 
so hard, or expensive, or fraught with expectation

It just has to be practiced


  1. I just read the best post on how to spell the word L.O.V.E or Emma Tree...


    This woman has the best entries, beautifully written and thought provoking. Especially today...Check her out...

  2. get your blogs a day late, it seems. Your ponderings for V Day touched me so deeply and I share your sentiments that love is something to be practiced and lived every day. (Loved the photos of your grandkids) I know V Day is a Hallmark holiday and I can even embrace that. That being said, if I don't find a way to love each day then I am missing the boat, diminishing who I am and missing out on the best part of life since I believe one of the reasons I am here on the planet is to learn how to love. So there you have it.
    ~ Suzie

  3. Yes, I totally agree. :) My husband and I don't do Valentine's Day in the 'traditional' sense. I would much rather be treated with love and respect throughout the entire year than to hang my hopes on one day. This year I made him his meal of choice and he presented me with 'free foot massage' coupons. Perfect. :) (I posted a tutorial last night on how I made my fountain, just thought you might be interested... and today I got my massage ;)

  4. Shouldn't every day be Valentine's Day? Shouldn't we strive for love every single day? It's the most important thing!