Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eye Candy...

It's Saturday morning
and I'm waiting for 
the farmers market to open...

I love farmers markets
they are a delight to the senses
they have it all
color, texture, smell, 

There is just something 'right' about 
knowing where your food is being grown
from my friend Gale
who grows and sells the best tomatoes around

She tends them like they were her children
Or to know someone gathered fresh flowers 
just yesterday rather than them being shipped from
hundreds of miles away and was gown by some huge agra farmer

Cupcakes that are gluten free 
and decorated with eatable flower

Fresh baked tarts
just sing of my grandmother's kitchen
my mouth is watering just thinking about it

I could eat salad every day if the greens looked like this
and yes
they were $18.00 
they were HUGE bowls with the lettuce still planted

These little hats
are made from the wool 
that the maker raises on her farm
she makes and dyes the yarn herself
and then knits the hats 
Now THAT is love
and simplicity

Don't these look winter wonderful
and delicious

Mixed with theses

I wouldn't mind taking one of these home too
certified organic : )

And a couple of these with some fresh tomatoes
would make some tasty bruschetta

and how about a riot 
of color
for that empty space on your dresser

Do yourself a favor
live simply, buy locally, and support


  1. i live for our farmer's markets at home during the summer.....

    fortunately here, they also have a quaint farmer's market on saturday mornings, carrying some of the yummiest things i have ever eaten :)

    market's during the "winter" are extra special !!

  2. Julia, as always, your pictures are beautiful. The whole while I was reading, I thought...Hmmmm, where's the nearest farmers market to me? Oh and can you check to see if they have more than one of those certified organic items, I'd like one as well :).

  3. Hurray for farmer's markets! What a lovely sight. I wish we had more of them here in Norway. And more of those tasty deep red tomatoes!

  4. A friend just pointed out I had a couple of typos! Gads...please let me know when this many mornings I am doing my post on the dash...and I wouldn't want my eight viewers to think me a cad! Thanks for the editing K....