Sunday, January 29, 2012

Unexpected Surprise...

I went to the tide pools today
only to be disappointed
they were completely submerged
I was bummed 
as I have become quite attached to the
little sea creatures down there

I drove along the coast road and came across this guy
I'm callin him Jimmy Durante
do you remember him
and quite the personality

Well this Jimmy has one too
He was a real ham
doin all sorts of funny stuff for the camera

He even posed so I could get 'catch light' in his eyes
this guys knows what to do for the camera
We must have spent thirty minutes together
Jimmy and I
I was so close I could have touch him if I wanted
 I wouldn't of course
but it made me wonder 
whats made him so fearless of humans
ya just never know what the real story is
not that I need to
I'm just sayin

Have you ever had a bird
give you 'that look'
you know the one I'm talkin about
Its the same look we give our mates or children 
when we've just about had it with their stupid antics
He had been so gracious and all
I should have just
thanked him and moved on
I wanted to know how long he would just be sittin there
because it's not every day you can just hang with a pelican
then along came a single pelican
flyin low to the water
and it was as if he had been waiting for her
because when he saw her
he gave one last look 
and launched off to join her

1 comment:

  1. what great shots and a fun story to go along with it....obviously "she" had been prepping for their date :)