Friday, December 2, 2011

Mailchit King Fisher

The Pinocchio of Birds

I love this little guy
he is no bigger than
a hummingbird

 A bit shy
and awkward
he keeps to himself
Soaking up the
morning sun
He is not concerned
with the size of his beak
the color of his plumage
the value of his nest
This guy's attraction is about
his ability to display competence
in the business of living that
makes him attractive
Oh that we were
judged by the


  1. hi julia....right now you have turned on the no-reply with blogger, which means after you leave a comment a can't send a note back to you....if you change that, then i can reply and today i was going to tell you how to upload that video you liked on my blog.....

    i think it's just under settings....

  2. Oh, he is cute with his long red beak. He most definitely looks shy and awkward, for the same reason - the beak. But he is handsome in the morning sun.

    "Birds are happier than men. Their wings make all the difference." Halldor Laxness