Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flying high...

 This his how I felt once I decided to skip 
the holiday madness

 a lightness of being
as if lifted from the fray
of insanity that accompanies obligation

free of guilt
for not 
following the norm

My spirit took flight

today I could go to the bird sanctuary
rather than 
to the mall

 hushed whispers of wings and air
 cool morning twilight
 aware of 
the delicate balance required
to see from another perspective

what is important

in an instant
I was transported 
to a place of 
tranquil calm
I am not alone 
but rather surrounded by a
powerful and profound reality of the infinite

birds don't care about the holidays
they care about fresh water
healthy food sources
a place of refuge 
to sleep, mate
raise their young
Their wants and needs
are simple

How is it our feathered friends 
have a more balanced perspective 
on how to celebrate the glory
of the All Mighty?

1 comment:

  1. the opened and spread wing shot is FANTASTIC !!!!