Monday, November 21, 2011

November in Vail...

There is nothing more 
Aspen grove in fall...

This post is dedicated to the 
"Through the Looking Glass Project" via Kanelstrand Organic Living Blog 
(see link in my Inspiration tab below)
Photos were taken while on a hike through an Aspen grove behind Vail Village in Colorado USA.
I was hiking with my son and his new baby girl ~ Ayden.
We are a family who values nature and do our best to care for the earth.
Thanks for including us in your project!


  1. Hello Julia, your photos are breath taking! Especially the second one! Thank you for linking up! I would love to help you with placing the html code of my button as well as the other questions on blogging but I don't see your email address anywhere. You can find mine on Kanelstrand Organic Living or in my blogger profile, please, drop me a line, so that I can have yours as well!

  2. in regards to your question....yes, LR3 works on a mac, beautifully :)
    that's what i have and now with LR3 added to it, i feel complete.

  3. Oh, there is something about aspens. Maybe it is because they are rare in the area I live. I love their illuminating white bark and gorgeous colour in the I would love to find myself in the middle of an aspen grove right about now. Your pictures are beautiful!