Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I did it!

I can't believe it is over...
What a month to start a blog
What a challenge
Regardless of my lack of knowledge of blogging
I posted every day for a month
even though my blog isn't fully constructed!
When I wonder around all my favorite blogs
I think
I will never get that clever
nor will I be able to take 'those' kinds of photos
But the truth is
it doesn't matter
the truth is
each day I learn something
about myself through
others posts and photos
It has been a really great adventure
I have learned a lot 
and met some 
really wonderful 
I think I've caught the bug
as I find I am looking at my world
through new eyes
Thank you all
for stopping by 
for your kind words
and encouragement
and helpful advise and hints
Thank you for your wonderful inspiration
your amazing photographs
and heart felt posts
It is an honor 
to witness your creative expression
and dedication to your passion and craft
Thank you for welcoming me
I feel parts of me opening to the sun 
and a voice once silent
wanting to sing
It's all because of you
you lovely, open, creative,
blogger's who are willing to share how you experience 
the world
for the sheer joy of sharing


  1. You have beautifully and thoughtfully said what many of us feel. Well done.

  2. That photo is stunning! The rich colors and the humble barn seem to be in such harmony.

    In other words, congratulations for coming to the end of such a challenge. Now, I would love it if you find time to develop your blog because I really enjoy your point of view and I know that you will find a lot of like-minded people as your followers.

    Good luck!