Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Change is in the Air…

Small things

have you ever considered
something just a little differently
just…something different
sending a list of gratitude…including all the things you're thankful for…
at Thanksgiving
rather than
the dreaded Christmas “let me bore you with details of our lives since I never have the time or interest to contact you any other time of the year,” letter
rather than walking by the homeless person with your eyes adverted
consider having a couple of bucks in your wallet for just that reason…and give without judgment…it’s just as much about you as it is them
how about
rather than going to the mall AGAIN this weekend
arrange to visit a veteran’s hospital, or convalescent home
take a pen and paper. Take a book. They always need help writing letters and are no doubt, in need of some good reading material
could you consider…locating just one local hike…or perhaps your favorite one…and commit to just randomly go some Sunday morning
perhaps…just maybe
walking in Gods museum of creation would be of highest praise
  and…while you are there
would it be possible for you to maybe…take a small trash bag
and fill it
small things can change your life…and the world 
What small things can you do to make a change

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